KEOX 9000 RST heavy-duty high-pressure vacuum unit

For vacuuming dry and liquid materials and blowing dry, granular materials. Keox 9000 is designed for industrial needs, and it can be used for the vacuuming and handling of large volumes of powders and sludges.

Keox 9000 is available in three different models: a model fixed on a truck, a semi-trailer model and a demountable model. A simple control system: easy to use and maintain. The filters are located so that it is not necessary to crawl or climb in order to clean them. Planes for hoses on both sides of the unit, for the full length of the unit. Various standard equipment and optional equipment is available and can be installed according to the client’s wishes. Pressure-sealed filter chamber to reach optimal blowing. The filters are located so that they only take up 1 cubic metre of cargo space.

KEOX 9000

  • Air-cooled, rotating Hibon pump: SIAV 8702, 9,000 m³/h, 224 kW
  • User-friendly control system
  • Tank sizes customised according to the client’s wishes
  • A hydraulic clip for unloading
  • Stainless steel tank structure
  • Spacious planes on both sides for storing the hoses
  • Minor power loss
  • Low rotational speed
  • Minimised emissions
  • Customisable according to the client’s needs
  • Also available in an ADR approved design
  • Filters can be cleaned easily
  • Dust formation during blowing is prevented with a water mist
  • Automated, simultaneous cleaning during the work – at the push of a button

Filtering system

  • Suction air filters on two sides of the tank, 12 bags on each side
  • On both sides: unloading hatches inside the tank, service/cleaning hatches on the side (the filter can easily be cleaned without disassembling the unit)
  • Safety filter package: 3 filters

Optional accessories

  • Radio device: functions chosen by the client
  • Operating speed adjustment
  • Operating speed and operating hour meters for the pumps
  • LED beacons: locations chosen by the client
  • Vacuum boom with a 6″ hose
  • Control centre of stainless steel
  • The body has its own electric system
  • Hose hooks of stainless steel
  • Manual ice-breaker next to the blowing connection
  • Compressed air coil
  • Grounding coil
  • Vibration device
  • Racks for a spade, an iron bar and a ladder
  • Extinguisher