Vehicles for environmental management and industry

We manufacture heavy-duty equipment for environmental and industrial cleaning and waste management.

Our top team designs and builds durable and practical machines which are used in tough conditions around the world. We strive to make the most common-sense waste management vehicles in the industry, and it is through our client-focused product development we aim to maximise the potential of our end users in their everyday work in the field.

We primarily produce customised vacuum and combination vacuum trucks as well as waste bin washers and waste bin side loaders for garbage trucks. We also create specialised suction vehicles, such as tractor trailers. Our innovative manufacturing also allows us to offer demountable versions of our suction vehicles.

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  • Vacuum trucks

    Our vacuum trucks provide uncompromised quality for everyday work.

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  • Combination vacuum trucks

    We produce powerful and practical combination vacuum trucks for wide-ranging and demanding tasks.

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  • Side loaders

    The VS series is our waste bin side loader, which combined with a waste compactor allows efficient sorting of waste with a single vehicle.

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  • Waste bin washers

    The Keoxer waste bin washer is our newest innovation, completely removing the need for a separate container washing vehicle.

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  • Unit for recycling material

    Unit for recycling material

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