Waste bin washers

The Keoxer washes containers during the garbage truck’s container emptying operation. It’s as simple as that.

Product development is one of our key strengths, and our Keoxer waste bin washer is its latest result. The washer is attached to the rear of a garbage truck’s compactor and works in conjunction with the truck’s regular emptying action. The unit is capable of washing two smaller bins or one large bin in one operation, and is also capable of washing deeper containers.

Besides eliminating the costs of running a seperate washing vehicle the Keoxer can also function with seawater, saving not only time and money but natural resources as well.

  • jäteastiapesuri


    The Keoxer is a unit added to the back of the compactor that allows you to empty and wash a bin at the same time with the same truck.

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  • KEOXER large

    The Keoxer L is installed between the compactor and the cabin of a garbage truck. The washer washes the waste bin while the operator is emptying another bin. This way, a single vehicle can both empty and wash the bins during the same rounds, meaning that another vehicle is not needed.

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