Company overview

Keox Oy is a pioneer in municipal engineering, founded in 2007. Keox Oy manufactures innovative products according to the clients’ needs and offers flexible, client-focused services for environmental management operators. Our products are modern, user-friendly and cost-efficient.

We build bodies on the chassis chosen by the client, according to the client’s needs. This way, we can ensure that our products are best suited for their intended use. Our skilled engineers and technicians can meet even the strictest requirements.

We also pay attention to ecological viewpoints in our product design, and we strive for a cleaner future for waste collection. For example, our combination units save fuel costs as you can perform multiple actions with a single vehicle. This has a direct effect on the total emissions.

In addition to vehicle bodies, we develop and manufacture accessories, such as our own waste bin washer, to the bodies. We also modernise old vehicles and offer vehicle maintenance services. Our agility, flexibility and product development give us a competitive edge.

You can find us in Laukaa, Finland, a little north of the city of Jyväskylä.

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Ränssintie 189
41370 Kuusa