Keoxer L

The Keoxer L is a garbage truck add-on that washes the waste bin while the operator is emptying another bin. This way a single vehicle can both empty and wash the bins cost-efficiently during the same rounds, meaning that another vehicle is not needed. The unit includes 100% water recycling which allows a large volume of water to be used in the washing process, enabling optimal results and capacity. The Keoxer L allows you to wash hundreds of bins a day.

  • Water recycling: water is filtered and heated to 60 C⁰
  • Enables you to simultaneously empty and wash waste bins
  • Approximately 300 washes with the same water reserve
  • Cleans the bins both from the outside and inside
  • The bins are cleaned inside the vehicle: no environmental impact
  • Washing is also possible in cold conditions
  • Installed on a garbage truck regardless of the make, and can even be installed on an older truck
  • Can use natural water and even seawater when necessary
  • Construction material: stainless steel
  • Easy to maintain
  • Includes a disinfectant tank with a sprayer


  • Transfer pump and filter for water intake
  • Spray gun and hose for cleaning up surroundings