Micro Combi

The smallest of our combo-vac lineup, and just as capable.

The Micro Combi range are installed on small truck chassis or inside larger vans. These machines are perfect for locations where larger suction vehicles are not practical options.

Technical specifications (2+1 model)

  • Chassis 7.5T
  • Sludge tank 2m³
  • Water tank 1m³
  • Vacuum pump Jurop DL 125 HDR
  • Water pump Pratissoli KT 24
  • Hydraulic hose reel in equipment cabinet: hose feeder and hose port to the rear of the vehicle
  • Insulated equipment cabinet in front of
    storage tank
  • LED work lights, 6 pcs
  • LED interior lighting in equipment cabinet
  • Water boiler 110 kW

Since we build each combo-vac to suit unique requirements the above specifications are just one example of the possibilities in this size class.

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