Eco Combi

Medium size, maximum performance.

Our Eco Combi suction vehicles are all-rounders, delivering a balance of powerful suction and cleaning pumps and storage capacity.

Technical specifications (6+3 model)

  • Chassis 16T
  • Waste tank 6m³
  • Water tank 3m³, surrounds the waste tank
  • Vacuum pump Jurop PVT200 HDR
  • Water pump Pratissoli KF 30
  • Insulated equipment cabinet in front of
    storage tank
    • Diesel heater & fuel tank
    • Hose reel: 1 pcs 1/2” in equipment cabinet, hose feeder and ported hose access to the rear of the vehicle
    • Water boiler 110 kW

Since we build each combo-vac to suit unique requirements the above specifications are just one example of the possibilities in this size class.

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