Keox is a flexible partner for product development

Keox is an innovative and proactive company that is familiar with the industry and knows its development needs" – Thomas Thuresson, Geesinknorba General Manager, Nordic Region

The European emission classifications for trucks were tightened in the autumn of 2014. Reducing particular, nitrogen oxide and carbon hydride emissions affected the structure of trucks’ exhaust piping. In garbage trucks, this meant that side loaders could not be installed in the same way as before.

A side loader is an essential accessory in a truck that transports multiple types of waste at the same time. The cost-efficiency of waste management and agility of the vehicles become an important focus – expensive exhaust piping renovations are not an option.

This issue also caused trouble at Geesinknorba, one of the largest waste management solution providers in Europe. According to the Geesinknorba General Manager for the Nordic Region, Thomas Thuressonin, the company was actively looking for a partner and product developer who could focus on these changes effectively.

Soon we realised that Keox is an innovative and proactive company that is familiar with the industry and knows its development needs. Our partnership started in 2014. So far, Keox has provided us with a dozen side loaders, Thuresson says.

The Geesinknorba headquarters is in the Netherlands. All of the waste management units sold in the Nordics are assembled in Sweden. The turnover of the entire group is 120 million euros and it has 450 employees. According to Thomas Thuresson, the waste management industry is growing rapidly and is constantly seeking new innovations for the technical solutions. This European giant in waste management has found a flexible product development partner in Keox.

The central values of our company include reliability, efficiency and innovativeness. In fact, our partnership with Keox is based on these very values. We want to be a leader in innovations, providing our clients with user-friendly and effective products and services.

Thuresson thinks the demand for side loaders will increase. Geesinknorba and Keox are also developing other products.