Dry vacuum units

Keox manufactures multifunctional and practical industrial maintenance vehicles as well as sewage and waste management vehicles that can withstand the harsh northern weather. Our effective dry vacuums are designed to function in harsh conditions around the world.

  • Keox 7500

    Keox Hybrid is a full-size combination that can also be used for the most common dry vacuuming work. For vacuuming and blowing liquid and dry materials. Maximal capacity, duty load and manoeuvrability; lower fuel consumption.

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  • Keox Asbest 13

    Keox introduces a new, patented compression vacuum tank for asbestos. The tank has a special drain that takes the contents directly into a plastic sleeve. With an asbestos vacuum tank, you can save time at a demolition site and avoid dust during waste disposal.

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  • Keox 9000 14 RST

    For vacuuming dry and liquid materials and blowing dry, granular materials. Keox 9000 is designed for industrial needs, and it can be used for the vacuuming and handling of large volumes of powders, sludges and liquids.

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