”Their innovativeness is based on solid expertise”

Joen Loka is a demanding client that values technical skills and high-quality workmanship.

Joen Loka is a company that has become an icon of Finnish environmental management – a unique brand that has been built and cherished since 1964. Private customers, municipalities and industrial plants keep the company busy in eastern Finland. In addition to their Joensuu office, the company also has offices in Kuopio, Outokumpu and Liperi.

The CEO of this family business, Heikki Päivänurmi, has reason to be proud as he introduces the vehicles of his company. Out of a total of 49 vehicles, 20 are lorries. Their newest investment is a heavy-duty vacuum hybrid that can vacuum both wet and dry materials. The same hybrid unit can also be used for high-pressure washing with heated water. This hybrid for Joen Loka was made by Keox.

The unit was built on the chassis of an old truck. The truck had been damaged in a fire, and therefore it was completely renovated. When building the hybrid, the Keox professionals proved their innovative qualities once again. Joen Loka is a demanding client that values technical skills and high-quality workmanship. With Keox, the collaboration is on solid ground, Päivänurmi says.

Joen Loka and Keox have been partners for years. Päivänurmi says that Joen Loka purchases its vehicles according to the principle that the duration of investments should be as long as possible. No compromises can be made on vehicle service and maintenance. The units are modernised as necessary. Product development and constant improvement are a part of the everyday work. Sometimes, entirely new ideas are born.

We have also developed a more special tool with Keox: it helps us vacuum outlets that are located in challenging terrain that can’t be reached with a truck. The tool is a reel transporter that can be moved with a motor sleigh or a wheel buggy. The reel can be moved in the middle of a forest a hundred metres away from the truck.

Joen Loka employs 20 professionals. The company’s turnover is approximately 4 million euros. In 2016, the company was granted an award by the City of Joensuu for quality, courage and broad-minded entrepreneurship. In the same year, the company also received the regional entrepreneurship award.